My current subject is interpersonal relationships. Especially now, with Covid19, people are more isolated and possibly anti-social. This may also cause serious depression and loneliness; therefore, I wanted to talk about togetherness (우리 in Korean) through my artwork.

Artist Note Mountain Series.

My first project “You’re Not Alone” at Kobe Y3 studio was started because of a sad incident of Park Ji-seon, a Korean comedian. On television, she has always been a bright and positive person, but one day I came across the news that she committed suicide along with her mother. The news came as a shock to me, and with this opportunity, I thought that I would like to draw a picture that is of strength to those who are struggling with depression and loneliness. As the first work in this project, I worked on the “Mountain Series”.

I started with the figure of a person who was climbing a steep mountain, I drew the process of discovering another person while climbing the mountain.

The background of the picture is a mountain called the “Suma Alps (Umanose) in Suma. As I climbed this steep mountain, my two legs trembled by themselves, I felt like giving up many times. However, soon all around me, I noticed kids to seniors were climbing the same mountain together, and seeing them gave me confidence and comfort, and I was able to climb to the end.

At this time, I thought that our life was like climbing a mountain: when you are in a difficult situation, you have a steep mountain in front of you that is breathtaking; however, you might feel scared and lonely. At this moment, you may feel more overwhelmed as you are facing this difficulty alone. In today’s world, this feeling is made worse because of social media where everyone curates their online image to appear perfect. It’s hard not to judge yourself against others; however, when you actually talk to people, you learn that everyone has their troubles and you would see “people climbing the same mountain” just like yourself. Because we can share the same experiences and feelings as them, we can help each other and receive comfort in the process.

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