“What have you been missing?”|『あなたが失ったもの』 2023, KOBE STUDIO Y3, Kobe, Japan

Yura Kim個展「What have you been missing?|あなたが失ったもの」

Date: 2023年2月4日(土)~26日(日)
Location:KOBE STUDIO Y3/C.A.P.
650-0003 神戸市中央区山本通3-19-8 海外移住と文化の交流センター内

Artist note.

When was the last time you took a walk in nature and stopped to appreciate how beautiful it is? When was the last time you noticed a new bud in spring or ice crystals on the leaves of a winter tree? What are you missing while looking at your phone and checking your email? We live in a chaotic world with unprecedented typhoons, droughts, war, disease, and temperature abnormalities. Living in a rapidly changing and disappearing society, we often only see the things in front of us, judge quickly, and easily pass by all innumerable beautiful things. Shouldn't we make an effort to carefully revisit what we have overlooked, open our eyes, and see the world again?I have always been fascinated by nature, people, and ephemeral things. I have created works such as paintings, digital art, and installation art using various media to explore these topics. In this exhibition, not only have I created paintings and installations, but I have collaborated with performance artists and florists to explore various perspectives on the things we are missing.An extract from American poet and thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay on "nature" served as inspiration for the exhibition's themes of wind, rain, and life. In "Wind" the main installation was created by recruiting participants who were asked, for one week, to slow down, stop, and notice the small moments that are meaningful to them in their everyday lives. They were asked to capture that moment in a photograph and send them to me to be used in this piece.The "Rain" space is filled with a piece that repurposed recycled pieces of waste clothing that were generated during the clothes-making process. The "Life" space is filled with paintings that capture the energy and movement of nature.This exhibition takes into consideration the effects of art on the environment and natural resources, which were one of the driving forces behind its creation. Many pieces are made of recycled or found materials and were produced on location or with a low carbon footprint. Good art takes its viewer on a journey. It is my hope that this exhibition takes you on a trip through my imagination and inspires you to reflect on your life and the things you might miss if you don't occasionally slow down and take a closer look at the world around you.


本展は、アメリカの思想家・詩人であるラルフ・エマーソンの「自然」と題するエッセイに着想を得て企画されました。空間は3つのセクションに分かれています。風” “雨” “生命 “の順で構成されています。

이번 전시는 미국의 사상가/시인 랄프 에머슨의 “자연” 에세이에서 영감을 받아 기획되었다. 공간은 시의 순서대로, “바람” “비” “생명”으로 구성하였다.



“바람”의 공간에는 작년 4월 부터 시작된 “Finding small happiness” 참여 프로젝트로 제작한 “Wind of Happiness” 설치미술작과 비디오 작품이 전시되어  있다. 


雨」の空間には、パンツを製造する際に出る生地の残りを結んで作ったインスタレーション作品「Resting in the rain」が展示されています。空間に入ると、雨の音が聞こえ、肩や腕に布の雨が当たるのを感じることができます。空間を自由に動き回ったり、ソファに座ったりして、「雨」の空間を楽しんでいただけたらと思います。

“비”의 공간에는 바지를 생산할때 나오는 조각 천을 ​​묶어 만든 설치 작품 “Resting in the rain”이 전시되어 있습니다.  공간에 들어가면 비의 소리가 들리고 어깨와 팔에 비 가 닿는 것을 느낄 수 있습니다.  공간을 자유롭게 돌아다니거나 소파에 앉아서 ‘비’의 공간을 즐겨 주시면 좋겠습니다.



Life」スペースには、目に見えない自然やエネルギーを表現した抽象的な作品が並んでいます。スマホの画面を通して絵画の中に隠されたイメージを見ることができるAR(拡張現実)アート空間や、絵画の森の中を歩くことができる “森林浴 “作品などを楽しむことができるのです。”森林浴 “は、フラワーアーティスト Yoshino とのコラボレーション作品で、絵画と現実の要素が組み合わさり、全体の雰囲気を完成させています。

 “생명”의 공간에는 우리에게 보이지 않는 자연의 본질과 치열하게 생존을 지키며 살아가는 생명의 에너지를 표현한 추상 작품들로 채워져 있습니다. 핸드폰 화면을 통해 그림 속 숨겨진 이미지를 볼 수 있는 AR(증강현실)아트 공간과, 그림 숲 길을 걸어 들어 갈 수 있는 “Forest Bathing” 작품을 감상하실 수 있습니다. “forest Bathing”은 플로리스트 Yoshino 와 협엽한 작품으로 그림과 실제 자연의 일부가 어울려 전체의 분위기를 완성합니다.

Performance Collaboration “Connecting Time and Space”

Artist/Exhibition planner: Yura Kim
Music:Nishimoto Hiroko、Dance:Yangjah 
Florist: Yoshino 



Performance by Yangjah (dance) and Hiroko Nishimoto (music/voice) for Yura Kim’s exhibition “What Have You Been Missing?” at Studio Y2 C.A.P Kobe, Japan. 

Jerry Gordon: Camera and Editing

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にしもとひろこ|Nishimoto Hiroko
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