Rokko Meets Art 2021 (Rokko Ikas Villa Grand Hotel/Hyogo, Japan)

Rokko ChangPong Exhibition

September 11th (Sat) -November 23rd (Tuesday), 2021

Participating “Rokko Meets Art 2021” as C.A.P Y3 artist.

Participation group: Forest and Quiz room

Forest Group.

네모난 창문 뒤로 보이는 나무가 눈에 들어왔다. 계단을 오를 때마다 나무가 자라는 듯 정사각형 안에서 변화하는 나무의 모습이 흥미로웠다. 층층마다 창문을 통해 보이는 나무를 캔버스에 그대로 담았다. 그리고, 롯코산 속에서 만날 수 있을법한 동식물을 속속 숨겨두었다.
이 그림은 감상자가 나와 같이 계단을 오르면서 창문과 함께 봐주었으면 좋겠다. 그림을 감상하며 꼭대기 층까지 열심히 올라갔을 때 내가 느낀 상쾌함과 보람 또한 느낄 수 있으면 좋겠다.

Forest Team.

The tree behind the square window caught my eye. It was interesting to see the tree changing within the square as if it were growing every time I climbed the stairs. The trees that can be seen through the windows on each floor are put on the canvas as it is. In addition, animals and plants that can be found in Mt. Rokko were hidden one after another.
I want the viewer to see this painting along with the window while climbing the stairs with me. I hope you can also feel the refreshing and rewarding feeling that I felt when I went up to the top floor while appreciating the paintings.

Quiz Team

Quiz room (Artist Self Portraits)

Directed the concept of the room and submit three artworks (Mixed /2021, Coexistence (共存) / 2021, There you are /2021 ) and two suncatchers.


The “Quiz room” is where you can see artists’ self-portraits; however, these portraits do not show the artist’s appearance; instead, they represent their identity as artists and people.
You will interact with the art through a quiz where you try to find out which artwork belongs to which artist by matching the work with the artist’s profile. When you leave, you will find out if you guessed correctly.

<How to enjoy the quiz room>

  1. First, look at all the artwork.
  2. Next, read the artist profile/clue that each artist wrote.
  3. Then, look at the artwork again and try to guess which one belongs to whom.
  4. When you have made your guesses, grab an answer book or scan the QR code to find out if you were right.

+Use the answer book or QR code to access a PDF of the answers where profiles and artwork are matched.

우리는 서로 다른것들의 총합. 서로에게 연결하고 빈곳을 채워나가는 관계.

We are the sum of different things. A relationship that connects to each other and fills in the blanks.

Coexistence (共存) / 2021
Acrylic, Oil pastel Carving on Wood. Size: 18cm x 25cm

There you are /2021
Acrylic, Carving on Wood. Size: 18cm x 25cm

Quiz room Participated Artists

八木 淳一 / YAGI Junichi (C.A.P.),Artist: ウルリケ・ブロックマン / Ulrike Brockmann (Galerie Herold),スザンネ・カタリナ・ヴィラント / Susanne Katharina Willand (Galerie Herold),ユラ キム / Yura Kim (C.A.P.),浅山 美由紀 / Asayama Miyuki (C.A.P.), 山下和也 / YAMASHITA Kazuya (C.A.P.) / ちやのある (Le Cha noir),イエンヌ・マイルド/Jenny Mild (Videokaffe),ホリー・ホルムス /Holly Holmes (Videokaffe),トム・バートンウッド / Tom Burtonwood (Videokaffe)


CAP started in 1994 with 11 artists including Tomoko Sugiyama, the founder. In 1995, with the help of a donation from French artists, they held a program for citizen participation. In 1999, the group carried out “CAP HOUSE – 190 Days of Artistic Experiments ”using the former Kobe Emigration Center. In 2002, CAP became a non-profit organization and continued the CAP HOUSE project until 2007. The building became the Kobe Municipal Center for Overseas Migration and Cultural Interaction in 2009, and CAP continues its activities as a designated manager. See Saw Seeds, which started in 2016, has seen more than 30 artists come and go between CAP and art groups in Germany, UAE, Finland.