Rokko Meets Art 2021 (Rokko Ikas Villa Grand Hotel/Hyogo, Japan)

Group Exhibition

September 11th (Sat) -November 23rd (Tuesday), 2021

Participating “Rokko Meets Art 2021” as C.A.P Y3 artist.


CAP started in 1994 with 11 artists including Tomoko Sugiyama, the founder. In 1995, with the help of a donation from French artists, they held a program for citizen participation. In 1999, the group carried out “CAP HOUSE – 190 Days of Artistic Experiments ”using the former Kobe Emigration Center. In 2002, CAP became a non-profit organization and continued the CAP HOUSE project until 2007. The building became the Kobe Municipal Center for Overseas Migration and Cultural Interaction in 2009, and CAP continues its activities as a designated manager. See Saw Seeds, which started in 2016, has seen more than 30 artists come and go between CAP and art groups in Germany, UAE, Finland.