Solo Exhibition “Symbiosis”/ July,2021

ExhibitionTitle: Symbiosis

July,3 ~July,25 /2021

“Symbiosis,” which means to live together, is a term used when one species does not exclude another species, but shares the same space and establishes a close relationship with another. What about human symbiosis? Rather than a symbiotic relationship like in the natural ecosystem, human relationships suffer due to competition, conflict, and problems of social selection that arise out of indifference. One role of an artist is to try to express the positive aspects and necessity of establishing relationships while reminding us to remember some people are alienated from society for various, often unimportant, reasons. Through my “Symbiosis” exhibition, I hope to give the audience an opportunity to appreciate the relationships where they garner support and think about how they may help those who may feel excluded.